During the early millennia of Miros’ existence, the gods freely moved in and out of the mortal plane, stopping through and directly shaping the course of history. After the planes were closed off, however, the gods took to using avatars to further their plans for the universe. This would continue until the Spell Plague hit the multiverse. With the death of a god and the ascension of mortals and demi-gods to higher planes of existence, the pantheons began to close themselves off from the realms of man and squabbled over the dominions of the outer planes. Still, the lands of mortals would play an important part in exerting dominance. Therefore treaties and alliances were created to bring order to the planets throughout the multiverse.

For Miros, the major deities decided to try and put their differences aside and allow the mortal beings independence and free-will. Calling this treaty The Great Pact, the gods and goddesses divided up their dominions along the four dimensions of living beings. These Greater Gods are:

The Hidden God. The Overgod and Lord of All Existense. Never seen to act or react, nonetheless oversees all of creation and guides even the fates of the gods.

The Four Pure Gods – These gods control the four pure alignments of all living beings—Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos.

The Three Lawful Gods – These greater gods divide up the lawful alignment, controlling Good another Evil, and one refraining, creating a perfect balance.

The Eight Lords of Chaos – The Gods of Chaos claim dominion over the spheres of chaos. Although held to the words of the Great Pact, these gods nevertheless cannot help their natures and often overstep their bounds.

Along with these major deities, there exist lesser gods of the various races of the planet, which include:

Elven Deities The Gods of the Elves
Dwarven Deities The Dwarven Gods
Halfling Deities Halfling Gods
Dragon Deities The Great Dragon Gods
Orcish Deities Gods of the Orcs and Goblins
Monster Deities The Gods of the Lesser Creatures

Even further down are the Demigods, extra-planar creatures that even more closely interfere in the affairs of the mortal world, hoping to one day ascend to true godhood. These consist of:

Demonic Planes Fiends of the Pit
Astral Planes The Hosts of the Heavens
Elemental Planes The Elemental Kings
The Fey The Fey Lords
The Shadowfell Rulers of the Shadowfell


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