Ontharr Frume

Human (Chondathan) Paladin


Onharr Frume is a good-natured paladin of Torm, the god of heroics and bravery. He is a man of action who loves jokes and pranks, a stiff drink, and a friendly scuffle. An ally ofLeosin Erlanthar and Faelar, Frume represents the Order of the Gauntlet. His order shares many of the Harpers’ principles, but the two organizations are very different. The Order of the Gauntlet emphasizes faith, vigilance, and constant struggle against threats of evil.

Frume meets the adventurers in Elturel, where he asks the characters to join the cult’s caravan and accompany it on the journey. They could get themselves hired as guards—if not by the cult’s wagon masters, then by other merchants who are traveling in the same direction at the same time.

Ontharr Frume

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