Leosin Erlanthar

Half-Elf Monk


Leosin Erlanthar is a monk from Berdusk. Leosin has been investigating the connection between The Brotherhood of the Dragon and the raiders for months, searching for answers to their reasons for attacking villages. Leosin had studied their previous attacks and concluded that the time was right for the cult to strike a bigger target, and he knew that Greenest was prosperous yet poorly defended, making it the most likely next target. Unfortunately Leosin was too late. Arriving at Elturel, Leosin learns from his ally Ontharr Frume that the city has been attacked. Leosin, Ontharr, and Faelar

Luckily, the adventurers arrive at that time, answering many of the questions that Leosin has. Leosin then invites the group to join the Harpers. The Harpers can be recognized by the group’s symbol: a silver harp nestled between the horns of a crescent moon. Some people wear the symbol openly, and others keep it concealed. Erlanthar wears his as a medallion around his neck when he is certain that he’s not heading into a potential captive situation—sometimes openly and sometimes tucked away.

After giving the marching orders, Leosin names the group The Coor Hall Guild, after the hall that they are initiated in.

Leosin Erlanthar

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