The Miros Underground


As the adventurers made their way to the burning town, a group of humans barreled through the foliage, chased by kobolds. Making short work of these foes, the group talked to the townsfolk. The keep was the only safe place in the village and so the adventurers made their way into town, helping any people of Greenest they found along the way. Arriving into the keep, the group was greeted by Mayor Nighthill on the keep tower. As his city burned, Mayor Nighthill deputized the group to act as help in defeating the raiders and driving them out of the town. Throughout the night, the group fought their way through the raiders, saving as many people as they could, aided by the castellan, Escobar the Red. Licking their wounds in the keep near midnight, the group heard an ominous roar and looked up to see a blue dragon barreling down. Dodging the electric fire of the dragon, the adventurers were able to fight it off, sparing most of the city watch from certain death.

Emboldened by their defeat of the dragon, the raiders began to flee from the city. Defending the town mill, the group turned the tides and fought off an ambush, though the mill suffered heavy damage by the flames. The group launched another assault on the raiders, capturing a cultist who was tortured into compliance. Knowing that it was the Brotherhood of the Dragon responsible for these crimes, the adventurers were eager to continue to press the fight after resting and recuperating. Unfortunately, the keep was quickly surrounded by the entire raider force. In the middle, a large Dragonborn, Langredosa Cyanworth, demanded to duel with the champion of Greenest. Molistine Mike accepted the challenge and bravely fought the dragonborn in hand to hand combat. Alas the night’s toll had weakened Mikal greatly and the great dragonborn struck down the champions. One by one, the group was defeated. Until finally, a disguised Freia was able to strike critical blows upon the beast and forced him to submit. As the morning sun rose over the horizon, the raiders carried their defeated champion away and Greenest stood in ruins.



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