The Miros Underground


Aiding Greenest


Following the unrest in Bartorton, the group found themselves back in Damara, with the Salty D in tatters. Regrouping, the adventurers took some time to assess the damage to their headquarters. As they were, Grim Greyskull returned to find himself a target of suspicion. Having been extricated from a prison, Grim was shocked to find that he has been labeled a traitor. Showing them the scars of his imprisonment, Grim was able to calm suspicions. As the group considereds their next move, Thorandir entered the Salty D with a soldier in tow. This man, Molistine Mike, had come to Damara to secure trade rights for his city, Greenest, as traders were being driven out of Bartorton and other cities in newly-captured inhuman lands. Asking for caravan guards, Grim, Freia, and Erno agreed to help. Leaving the others to attend to repairs, the group took off with Mike and made their way to Greenest.

Making their way to the city, the group forged through the plains and hills, avoiding creatures and bandits alike. With the guidance of Mikal, the group made it safely to the outskirts of town. That night, as they crested the ridge to town, the adventurers were shocked to see the town alight in an orange glow. A large figure swooped over the city as dozens of raiders ( human, kobold, and dragonborn) attacked the town.



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