The Miros Underground

The Great Damaran Fire

Things Get Hot


The plan was simple, Faelar and Thorandir would cause a distraction, while Almon and Grim would sneak aboard the ship and steal the wine. The execution did not go as planned. Disguised as dock workers, the group made their way to the target ship. There, the plan was set into motion. The elf fired two flaming arrows onto the adjacent ship, setting it ablaze. Thorandir used his magic to create confusion among the men aboard The Maiden’s Head, allowing the other two to make their way through the ship’s hold. Despite some trouble getting the lock open, Almon and Grim found the kegs but were trapped in the hold. Meanwhile above, the fire began to spread from ship, alerting the city guard and the fire brigades. The elf and dwarf began to panic and set other fires to take the attention off their target ship, at least for a moment.

Seeing no other choice, the tiefling and human decided to blow a hole in The Maiden’s Head and let subtlety be damned. Tossing the kegs overboard, the two adventurers followed. On the docks, the other two ran to meet their fellow adventurers, aided by the confusion. Using their rope, Thorandir hauled the kegs on land, while Faelar procured a cart. Shielded by the flames, the group ran for the exit, but saw that the main city guard was on their way and had to think fast.



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