The Miros Underground

Little Shop of Terrors

Don't Feed the Plants


As they ran from the fire brigades, the group ducked into a mysterious warehouse. With the guard directly behind them, the group had no choice but to head through the building, which had an unnatural feeling. Making their way further in, they noticed an eerie glow emanating from a room within the structure. The increasing presence of guards outside meant that there was no option but to enter the glowing room.

Opening the door, the adventurers found themselves in a greenhouse surrounded by all manner of plant life. Making their way through the narrow rows, the group was attacked by sentient bushes. Making quick work of the attackers, the four escaped out into the shadows, unaware that they were being watched by a mysterious figure as they fled.

Reaching the drop-off point, the group was confronted by a different set of Kenku. This flock gave them the option of turning over the kegs for more money. Having been ambushed, tied up, and forced to work for the rival flock, our adventurers eagerly betrayed their original benefactors. Knowing that the authorities would be on high alert because of the fire, and that the other flock would be upset, the group decided to part ways and lay low for a while.



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