The Miros Underground

A Rare Vintage

A new challenger enters the game


Their new mission was to sneak into the Damaran docks and retrieve a couple of kegs of the finest Chondathan wine being brought in by a merchant ship, The Maiden’s Head. Using Almon’s knowledge of the docks, as well as forged documents, the group was sure this job would be no sweat. Upon arriving, however, the mission quickly turned sour. The dock guards, already on high alert, saw through the fake documents and subterfuge immediately. The adventurers had to regroup and begin a new course of action. As they did so, another group of guards came upon them, swords drawn.

Outnumbered by the guards, the group nonetheless fought bravely against the odds. As things looked grim (not Grim), an arrow flew out from behind the guards. A lone ranger, Faelar, came to the defense of our heroes. With this new ally, the group was able to turn the tide and vanquish their foes. Dragging the bodies away, the group then formulated a plan to sneak onto The Maiden’s Head at night and steal the kegs.



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