Welcome to the Miros Underground


The area of the mortal plane (Faerun) in which our campaign takes place is known as Miros. We begin in the Western part of this world, home to two major empires, as well as a variety of smaller kingdoms, principalities, and independent cities. In both of these empires, Chondath and Damara, humans are the most populous and dominant race; elsewhere, however, they are in the minority. Humans are, however, inclined towards magic in a way that most other races (the most prominent exception being elves) are not.

In Chondath, there is relative peace and only limited racial antagonisms. While the lords of Chondath rule from on high, in the capital of Bastion, petty lords squabble and plot amongst themselves. A perfect situation for a warrior to make a small fortune as a guard or mercenary.

In Damara, the threat of dragonborn raiding has led to a civil war between the richer northern islands and the poorer and more rural southern ones, now calling themselves the Confederacy of Rocks. The cities are left to their own devices as military forces march to war. Thieves and rogues vie for control of lucrative investment opportunities.

The dwarf lands lay quiet, rarely visiting outside lands. The aging rulers of Hrun Drukat and Khazat Berr keep a tight grip on their empires, but cracks begin to emerge. Human and elf settlements creep ever closer to the main cities, making young dwarfs eager to begin trade without the consent of the guilds. Meanwhile, elder dwarfs are eager to reclaim land lost from the orcs and goblins so long ago.

Meanwhile, in the free cities, the threat of the Brotherhood of the Dragon continues to grow. This twisted cult has aligned with the dragonborn armies, eager to control the chromatic dragons and bring about the return of the Dragon Goddess, Tiamat.
Truly a brave adventuring group is needed to combat this growing tide.

This is the land of Miros. A great place for those with looser morals to make their fortune. Or lose their heads.