Freia (Fury) Ashtaroth

Tiefling Level 4 Skald


HP: 20
AC: 13
Languages: Common, Infernal
Weapons: Longsword, Hand crossbow, Dagger
Armor: Leather
Cantrips: Blade Ward, Vicious Mockery
Spells: Cure Wounds (1), Charm Person (1), Disguise Self (1), Dissonant Whispers (1), Thunderwave (1)
Racial Bonuses: Darkvision, Resistance to fire, Thaumaturgy

Criminal background: I have a trustworthy contact in all parts of the world that provides me with information and a connection to the criminal underworld of the region.

Jack of All Trades: Add half my proficiency bonus to any ability check that doesn’t already include a proficiency bonus.

Bardic Inspiration: With a bonus action, I can provide an ally with a 1d6 to add to an attack throw, saving throw or ability check. The ally may use this die after rolling their d20 but before the DM determines the verdict. An ally may only have one extra die at a time, but there is no limit to how many allies may hold a die at once.


Background: Criminal

Freia (Fury) Ashtaroth

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