The Miros Underground

The Long March Home


After the fall of Skyreach Castle, some of the heroes found themselves in a deep forest. Freia and Melisandra began to head away from the wreckage and towards any signs of civilization. Further into the forest, the wizard Marat awoke from his escape to find Edward the Bard close by. The two also made their way to what they hoped would be civilization. Ultimately finding an abandoned campsite, the two hid as the heard approaching footsteps. These footsteps belonged to their two companions, whom they helped navigate a dangerous trap-filled corridor. Reunited, Edward explained that Thorandir went down with the castle, but not before handing over deep, black opal and asking him to take the jewel to Lady Talitha in Tirana.

Hunkering down for the night, the group took turns keeping watch, catching and killing a deer. As they night wore on, however, the sound of advancing footsteps alerted the group. A pack of Gnolls attacked as they lay in wait. Taken by surprise, the gnolls were no match for the adventurers. Killing several, the group saw their food taken away as the remaining pack ran off. Dejected, the group packed up and moved on, using what skills they had to find a small river and get closer to civilzation.

Running low on rations, the group became desperate for food, feeling the pangs. After days of walking, the group began to smell cooking meat. Sneaking closer, Melisandra found a group of Bugbears. Sneaking up, the halfling was captured, but not before mortally wounding one of the bugbears. As they prepared to cook the hero and another human captive, Edward tried to bluff his way in. Using his silver tongue, the bard tricked the bugbears into releasing their captors for the promise of better food.

Realizing they were tricked, the bugbears doubled back, chasing after the heroes and the other captive. Alerting them to the presence of a boat, the man led them to a river, where they fought off the bugbear advance. Once on the boat, the man said it was too crowded and someone would have to leave. The group pushed the man off, leaving him to the bugbears, as they headed down the river to Waterdeep.

The Queen of Dragons


Climbing to the top of the castle, the group found themselves before five doors. Splitting up, the heroes went through the doors. As they enter, the doors closed and locked behind them.

Almon was caught in a room of fire. As he walked forward, flames would blast at him from the walls. Using his quickness, the rogue made it to the end, opening the door to find himself staring at a giant wielding a club.

Freia found herself in a green room filling with poison clouds. AS she walked on, more walls sprung up around her, trapping the tiefling. Her lock-picking skills helped her continue on, eventually freeing herself and tumbling out the door, where a giant awaited her.

Edward and Telchar were in a room of electricity, having to carefully maneuver before exiting the door.

Erno and Melisandra ended up in a room filling with sand. Using high ledges, the two were almost out the door, but a slip up nearly sealed their doom. Only the giants’ agreement to help them saved the two.

Grim and Thorandir, likewise nearly lost themselves. Caught in a room filled with a blinding snowstorm, the two were hopelessly lost, until the giant opened the doors, stopping the spell.

Freed, the guild and their giant allies made their way to the inner sanctum. There a door that could only be opened with draconic bllod stood before them. Shocking the others, Grim revealed that he had draconic blood within. Slicing his hand, he pressed it and the door opened, revealing orcs controlling the flying castle, as well as Rezmir and the rest of the Dragonborn High Council flanked by their dragon mounts. Taken by surprise, the council reacted by sending their dragons after the giants. Locked in combat, the heroes were able to finally take down Rezmir. Her death, however, severed her link to the black dragon, causing it to lash out.

In the ensuing chaos, a lone figure in read strode out to the dragon born. Placing a dragon’s mask over his head, the man who had been in Azbara Jos’ room spoke to the dragon, taking control. The council and the man conversed and escaped. But not before bleeding their mounts. With a word, they flew off as the blood began to bubble. From this pool of mixed blood arose Tiamat, the Queen of Dragons. Turning to our heroes, she unleashed a vicious assault that nearly killed them all. Fortunately Thorandir stabilized the fallen. Unfortunately, Tiamat had killed the castle’s pilot and broken the controls.

Crashing down, their only hope were the remaining bottles of teleportation serum, In the free-fall, however, all but seven broke. The eight heroes looked on, dejected. Edward volunteered to go down with the ship. They bid their fond farewells and drank, leaving the bard aboard castle as it crashed to the ground.


Skyreach Castle


The dragons, wyverns and pegasus made their way up to the floating castle as it neared the village. Dodging rocks and falling debris, the adventurers separated. As they regained their bearings, the animals landed near the castle and took off again, once the adventurers leaped off their mounts.

Almon, Freia, Grim, and Thorandir found themselves outside the rear of the castle. Looking in the windows, they found a room with a giant. Breaking in, the group convinced him to help, but only after they defeated the ogres standing guard and “the bad magic.” Sneaking out, the group was nearly devoured by a chimera. But quick thinking by Freia sent the beast into a room full of kobolds, where it would feast. Making quick work of the others, the group made their way to the final battle. Opening a magic door, the group foundAzbara Jos, the Red Wizard along with an unidentified man. Yelling at Jos, the other wizard cast a portal spell and disappeared. Fighting against Jos and his gargoyle familiar, the group was nearly defeated, but overcame their powerful foe, finally ending his life and the threat he posed.

Melisandra, Erno, Edward, and Telchar stood in front of the stone gates. Two stone statues stood guard. AS the adventurers tried to cross, they were zapped with energy beams. Speaking the words, “Hail Tiamat”, Edward was able to disarm the statues, but a cadre of dragonborn and ogres awaited them. After a tense battle, the group recovered and made their way through the castle. Finding treasures along the way, the heroes made their way to the last door. Behind which, Rezmir the Black and her guard awaited. Another tiring battle awaited the group, but they prevailed, but Rezmir was able to escape, nearly dead.

Collecting themselves, the two groups of the guild reunited, opening the final door and making their way to the top of the castle in the sky.

Pernast and Beyond


The guild headed away from the lodge, pausing every now and then to rest and take cover from bands of brotherhood members searching for them. After some time, the group arrived at a small town. Splitting up, the group searched the town for any information to be found.

Almon and Thorandir decided to speak to the villagers. Finding a group near the entrance to the town, the two began a conversation. The town was called Pernast and had been there for generation upon generation. The town was host to a flying castle that would come soon. The town was tasked with bringing barrels of gold offerings to the castle. Where it went after, no one knew. But there were murmurings that this was ill-gotten gold and not religious tithing. A commotion distracted the two and they bid their farewell.

Erno and Melisandra searched the local pub. There, they found a disgruntled cult member who was able to give them information about what lay ahead. The man told them of a mountain in the sky. This mountain was manned by giants, who were uneasy allies with the brotherhood. By severing their ties to the brotherhood, the giants would turn against the cult. After a brief skirmish, the two made their way out.

Freia and Grim headed towards the town square. There, they found a well with a pool of magical water. Before they could investigate further, a group of heavily armed and armored cultist knights forced them away. Ducking for cover, the two discovered the remains of a destroyed shrine to the elven gods of the seasons. While investigating, the two were found by a high-ranking cultist. Instead of turning them in, the man explained that there was a rift in the cult. The dragonborn and human elements were in disagreement as to the ultimate goals of the cult. Hearing a commotion, the man left, advising the two to find a safer place.

Telchar and Edward meanwhile, headed to a large barn-like structure. There, three brotherhood guards shooed them away, but not before they heard animal sounds within the building. Creating a distraction, the two were able to sneak their way in, finding a Pegasus tied up and vulnerable, surrounded by wyverns and small dragons. The two began to untie the creature but were caught by the guards, Fighting and joined by their allies, the group defeated the cultists.

As they tried to cover their tracks, the cultist leader appeared. Nodding his head, he stated that he saw nothing and that he would hope that the creatures were not ridden to the castle to defeat the dragonborn.

The Hunting Lodge


Awakened from their rest in the hut, our heroes find themselves in a cold land surrounded by forest. Making their way up a trail, the heroes find themselves outside of a large mountain estate. Creeping up to the back of the house, the group found a couple of large enclosed kennels. The group snuck around to one and tried to enter. Upon inspection, the group found Erno Mit’thron Darr locked up under the watchful eye of a four-armed troll. Hoping to take the guard by surprise, Edward bluffed his way in. Assisted by Freia and Melisandra, the group freed Erno. Their companion, sore and afraid, was nonetheless happy to be freed from the troll’s clutches.

Continuing their exploration, the guild crept up to the lodge. There, they noticed several cult members and a large number of kobolds as well. Fighting and sneaking their way through the lodge, they came upon two chambers. There, they found Marat and Grim; prisoners of the Red Wizard. Reconnecting with their allies, the group pressed on. Making their way to a grand lodge, the group found more allies to help them on their quest. Continuing, the guild made their way to a room with a magic tapestry with teleporting powers. Sending one of their new allies through the tapestry, they were shocked when only part of him returned. The otherhalf was carried by the troll. In a tense battle, the group eventually came out on top.

All this fighting alerted the lodge master, Talis the White. Calling on her guards and two Helmed Horrors, the group was nearly defeated. Almon, however, lept through the tapestry, escaping the fight. The others soon followed, with their opponents at their heels. In much favorable terrain, the group made short work of their opponents, but not before Talis transformed into a dragon and flew off. Stunned by this, the group headed away from the lodge. As the weather grew colder, all seemed lost. Seeing smoke, they walked toward a small, dilapidated cabin. There, Thorandir and Telchar greeted them and stood guard as the others rested.

Under Castle Naerytar


Deep under Castle Naerytar, Freia Ashtaroth awoke, bound and alone on an underground island. Freeing herself, the tiefling began to sense movement in the darkness. Ripples through the water alerted her to the presence of several bullywugs and giant frogs. Defiant and unafraid, the adventurer decided to make her stand.

Meanwhile, Erno Mit’thron Darr found himself in equally dire straits. Trapped by The Brotherhood of the Dragon, the half-orc was locked away under bullywug guard. However, the hero was not alone, there with him was a traveling bard, Edward, locked away after trying to escape the Brotherhood. Using his skills as an actor, the bard lured the guards in. With his martial arts, Erno was able to make short work of their captors. The two then made their way through the darkness, searching for a way out.

As the chaos in the castle continued, the rest of our heroes crept down the dungeon stairs and into the caves. Led by the dwarf bounty hunter, they crept into the darkness, searching for their lost comrades. Making their way to a small inlet, they found treasures and gold. Taking a closer look, a gelatinous ooze made its attack on Melisandra. Taken by surprise, the team fought valiantly, joined by Edward and Erno in the melee. Taking it to the oozes, the group came out on top, with several scrapes and bruises.

After their (re)aquanintance, the group pressed on, finding Freia and the island. Almon took the initiative and disguised himself as a bullywug, blending in to strike at the right moment. As the group was surrounded by the beasts, Rezmir the Dragonborn appeared with her lizardfolk guards. She disappeared in a flash of light and the heroes began their battle. The bullywugs and frogs were no match for the guild, though they inflicted plenty of damage.

Surveying the battlefield, our wounded heroes crept, searching for clues to Rezmir’s plan. Looking through her office, she reappeared in a flash, taking Erno hostage. As it appeared that Erno would be killed, Thorandir appeared and stopped her, but not before she escaped in a flash, taking Erno with her. Finding more clues, the group saw that she had used magic to teleport, The group found teleportation circles and they stepped into the ones they though would lead them to Rezmir.

Castle Escape


Caught by the bullywugs and the Brotherhood, the guild was split up, taken to the dungeons below the castle. While most of the party’s fates were unknown, Melisandra was able to escape before the castle gates closed on her friends. Sneaking through the darkness, she eluded the bullywug guards, who began to rummage through the adventurer’s belongings.

Creeping through the dark, she noticed a peculiar sight. Walking through the castle was the long-lost adventurer Almon. Having developed a taste for the mushrooms, Almon had begun to wander. At the behest of Thorandir, Almon had infiltrated the Brotherhood, often forgetting that he was supposed to be incognito. Unfortunately for our group, Thorandir had been captured in this attempt and was currently locked in a cage with Lothar, a dwarf bounty-hunter. Almon helped the two escape, only to encounter one of the Brotherhood leaders in the castle.

The much-celebrated capture of the adventurers caught the attention of Sir Lans, a disgraced knight who had become a part of the Brotherhood, but increasingly grew dissatisfied with the group. It was he who had been supplying Snapjaw and the lizardfolk with superior weaponry. The news of captured adventurers could prove useful. Seeing Almon taking the prisoners, Lans demanded information. Sensing that they were on the same side, the group launched a plan to capture Pharblex and ignite a lizardfolk rebellion.

Making their way through the castle, the group outsmarted the bullywugs and silently murdered any who got in their way. Making it to the top floor, the group launched an assault on Pharblex and his goons. Taking the shaman by surprise, the group was able to overpower his guard and kill the frog leader. Throwing the body from the third floor, and lighting a signal fire, the lizardfolk sprung their attack. The castle was soon overrun and the bullwugs destroyed. In the battle, our group headed for the underground caves to find their companions.

Dissent in the Brotherhood


With the Brotherhood‘s northern hideout discovered, the guild decided to investigate the tunnel underneath the storehouse. Leaving Erno behind to guard, the rest of the group ventured into the darkness. With little light to lead the way, the adventurers nearly stumbled into a great underground river. Lighting some torches, the group saw a few canoes on the riverbank. Taking this opportunity, the group took off into the unknown. In the darkness, the group struggled against the currents and the dangers on land. Camping in the darkness, they were set upon by Giant Spiders and had to fight them off. Moving further on, the raging river caused the adventurers to lose one of their boats and days worth of rations, The group’s movement slowed. Finally, after days in a tunnel, the sky welcomed them to the far north of Hadarac.

Following the trade routes above, the adventurers crept onward. After days in the river, the group decided to explore the area. In the cover of the forest they came upon a party of Lizardfolk arguing among themselves. The Lizardfolk talked of dissatisfaction with the Brotherhood and one leader, Snapjaw, contemplating rebellion. Further down the coast, the group came upon a Lizardfolk encampment. There, they overheard Snapjaw and other Lizardfolk arguing further. Snapjaw explained that they needed a strong leader tohelp them get rid of “the bullywugs.” Before anyone else could act, Ujarak came out and startled the Lizardfolk. Unable to explain himself, the Goliath was taken prisoner and nearly executed. Thinking quickly, Freia shot an arrow into the party and the others came out to explain their friend’s action. Speaking Draconic, Marat tried to diffuse the situation. Angered by Snapjaw’s hesitation, the other Lizardfolk attacked him. Rushing to his aid, the guild was able to convince him of their intentions.

Snapjaw explained the plight of his people, The Scaly Death lizardfolk tribe. The tribe has lived for generations around Castle Naerytar. Years ago, a Bullywug shaman, Pharblex Splatergoo killed their leader, Suncaller, and the death left the tribe with an inferiority complex that was ripe for exploitation. When Rezmir promised that the Brotherhood and their dragon allies would reward the tribe’s labors for the cult, the lizardfolk were ready to listen. Unfortunately, the bullywugs proved more valuable to Rezmir, so they were put in charge of defense, The bullywugs boss and bully the lizardfolk, emboldened by their superior numbers, the lizardfolk’s instinctive awe of Pharblex’s magic, and the absence of any restraining sign from the Brotherhood. Snapjaw is one of the few who has suggested rebelling against the hated bullywugs and the cultists. He hasn’t done so openly, because that would invite retribution from the bullywugs, but he has spoken to a few fellow tribesfolk he trusts. Meanwhile, aided by a Brotherhood mole, they endure—and stockpile weapons. The lizardfolk are much better armed at this point than they let on to either the bullywugs or the cultists. When the time comes to move against the bullywugs, the lizardfolk intend for every bullywug throat and belly to be slit open with a new, razor-sharp steel blade.

Executing the loyalist Lizardfolk, the guild moved on to the castle. Along the way, they faced off against further dangers through the increasingly thick mere. Finally making it to the castle, they group met with Snapjaw and his accomplices. The guild would travel to the third floor of the castle and confront Pharblex. Once the shaman was defeated, the group would send a signal and the rebellion would begin. Marching to the castle, the group felt confident,. Diusguised, they walked straight through the castle walls. There, they were met with a surprise. Standing at the entrance was Azbaros Jos and a troop of bullywugs. With a sneer, the Red Wizard ordered the group captured and they were placed in irons.

Waterdeep and Beyond


While the others were earning their stripes, the other half of the group explored the other sites in the city. Marat looked for more info on the Red Wizard. Learning of the name Azbara Jos and his connection to the Red Wizards, Marat continued on heading to the library. Along the way, he was accosted by a familiar Mysterious Stranger. Seeming more ragged and harried, the Stranger implored Marat to work faster, as the Brotherhood neared their goals. Moving on, Marat found the libraty in the castle closed and the information he needed locked away for another few days.

At this time, Freia took her pearl to the wizard, Abarac Madell, unaware of Grim’s proxinity. There, the wizard searched the orb that Freia was carrying. Speaking a few celestial words, the orb began to glow. This, he said, was one of the few gems that could be used to travel between the planes of existence. It was extremely dangerous in the wrong hands and should be kept safe. Freia agreed to guard the gem and ask for more assistance.

Meanwhile, Ujarak and Erno did what they did best: barge through the town like bulls in a china shop. Erno made it to the comfort halls in the north district, learning all he could on how to treat his clients better. Ujarak found his comfort in the fighting pits of the docks. There, he fought through a gauntlet, though not before suffering a mighty beating. News of this Goliath battling made its way to the others, as they cam in separately. Placing bets on themselves and their allies, the guild began to clean up. Freia battled to victory despite her feminine disadvantage. Erno then came to fight the champion, placing it all on the line. At a 2:1 underdog, the Half-Orc battled tooth and nail, overcoming the odds and defeating the orc champion. Taking in double their riches, the adventurers escaped as riots began in teh docks.

Making their way to safety, the group shared their intel. Figuring out where to go, the group headed out to the storehouse. Joining a caravan with Brotherhood stragglers, the group followed them to this storehouse. There, the adventurers found several brotherhood members and lizardfolk. Setting up an ambush, the group made quick work of their foes, even taking out an orc assassin. Searching the storehouse, the group found this was where the Brotherhood moved their cargo north. Among the notes in the house, they found their destination: Naerytar Castle.

The City of Waterdeep


After arriving at Waterdeep, the group decided to split up and inspect the various leads throughout the city. Freia (Fury) Ashtaroth decided to pay visit to Jafarl Londossa, the merchant whom the guild had saved on their journey. Being greeted by a rude underling, the merchant apologized and quickly outfitted the bard. After pressing for more information, the bard left to find more clues to the brotherhood’s whereabouts, learning of the “storehouse” and “castle”. On her way through the street, she was accosted by Carlon, her Harper contact. Asking her to meet with him and his Master the next day, he explained the she would be tested.

Meanwhile, Grim headed to the Azh’rati Mine, a known magic shop run by a Red Wizard. The wizard, Abarac Madell, revealed to Grim that the man in the caravan was Azbara Jos, an untrustworthy Red Wizard known for his ties to the Brotherhood. Pressed further, the wizard agreed to test Grim on the next day and see if Grim was worthy of joining their cause.

Finally, Melisandra followed Jamma Gleamsilver through the streets, being led to the secret lair of the Black Network. Asking for information, Melisandra found out that the brotherhood had a network stretching to the Mere of Dead Men. There, they had a castle. For this information, Melisandra would have to prove her skills to the Zhentarim the next day.

The following day, Freia fought off a pack of the Redbrands gang, earning her Harpers pin and the rank of Watcher. Melisandra infiltrated another base of the Redbrands, silently killing many and earning her coin of the Black Network, becoming a Fang. It was only Grim that failed, still not able to control his powers and thus was asked to remain with the wizard for further training.


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